My Story 

 Why choosing LaLaLand Tours to see the city is THE BEST tour company.


I began my career in Hollywood! 

I have been in the tour business in Los Angeles for 20+ years! In my early 20's I was a security guard at 20th Century Studios. It was there that I became enthralled with the movie industry. Flip Wilson was my childhood hero! Soon after, I entered the world of "professional background actors".  I have worked on the following movies and tv shows, Alien Nation - Westworld - Ali - For The Boys - Night & Day - ER - The Shield - CSI and many others.

Thanks to my father (a retired LAPD Officer) I learned the streets of Los Angeles. It is there I also became familiar with this great "City of Angels" of neon lights as well as the underbelly of Los Angeles.

With my knowledge and expertise of the city, I will provide you a private tour that will make your Los Angeles visit unforgettable. Not only will you receive exceptional service, but all special requests are also fulfilled.

My PROMISE to YOU is to give you a tour of LA where you call the shots and decide on the locations of where you want to visit and experience. 


Thanks for being here and taking this journey with me.